The mission of Revolution Healthcare is crystal clear; to offer World-Class healthcare and Rehabilitation at each of our care facilities across the country.

We spare no expense in providing our residents with the most robust rehabilitation program, tailor made to suit the needs of the individual.


We understand that we are only as good as our personnel. Our employees are the ‘Ambassadors’ of our brand and must therefore reflect our commitment towards achieving excellence. It is why we hire only the most talented, dedicated and compassionate healthcare providers in the industry.


We don’t just want our facilities to be “adequate” while our residents are recuperating. Instead, we ensure our facilities are always state-of-the-art, featuring the latest in healthcare innovation and the very best in comfortable living.


When it comes to ensuring quality of life, we aren’t content to be like ‘every other healthcare facility.’ It’s why we make sure our residents lack for nothing during their stay at Revolution Healthcare facilities. Think amenities on a GRAND scale…..the Revolution way!